Our Beginnings

Todd Christensen of Christensen Law Firm (CLF) opened his first law practice in 1993, during a time when only collection agencies collected debt on a contingent-fee basis. Law firms generally believed – incorrectly – that they could not do so. This attitude, combined with the general air of distrust and seediness commonly associated with debt collection, opened up an opportunity for CLF to provide clients with a humanized, legally enforceable method of collecting debt. CLF partnered with ScotiaBank and proved the concept with great success.

Mr. Christensen left the practice of law for a time to gain business experience. In 2003, he combined his legal and business expertise to develop and implement a law-firm collections process that has sustainable competitive advantages and a diametrically-opposed approach versus traditional debt collection.  Integral to this improved approach was entering into a mutual-services  arrangement  with a top-notch collection agency, Collectrite Ontario (SW86) Inc. (Collectrite.)  Its President, Greg Storey, collaborated with Mr. Christensen in adding the efficiencies and investigative abilities of a top collection agency to CLFs proven legal process.

CLF Today

Since its founding in 1993, CLF has been an industry leader in unsecured law-firm debt collection. The firm has won landmark legal court rulings, which enable it to: recover debt collection costs on behalf of its clients; conduct trials without clients attending as a witness; recover all interest owed; and enforce judgments against real estate without expensive and ineffective sheriff’s sales.

By combining sophisticated legal expertise and a dignified, respectful, all-bite-and-no-bark manner with the investigative tools and efficiencies of a top collection agency, CLF is able to humanize the relationship between the collector and delinquent customers, while also achieving a step-change improvement in recovery rates.

Having proven its process with its bank and other high-volume clients, Christensen Law Firm is now offering small credit granters the same sophisticated law firm contingency fee debt collection services we supply to our largest clients.

Contingency based collection means that payment for our work is contingent upon our success. If we are unsuccessful in our attempts to collect, you pay no fee.


Since commencing work for us in 2003, Christensen Law Firm has consistently demonstrated that they are an extremely capable third-party collections service provider. The level of persistence, service and results they provide to us is unparalleled. Christensen Law Firm often goes the extra distance to provide us with Collection and Legal answers without invoicing us for their efforts. Christensen Law Firm has even handled an important appeal for us resulting in a valuable Divisional Court ruling without charging us for the appeal.

- Steve Cardinali, Capital One Bank