Contingency Fee Retainer Agreement

Regulations under Ontario's Solicitors Act have specific requirements for a contingency fee retainer agreement between a client and lawyer. See Ontario's Contingency Fee Agreements Regulations here. These were enacted with potentially vulnerable personal-injury clients in mind, but we are still required to comply with these regulations to enter into a valid retainer agreement to recover unpaid debts for you on a contingency-fee basis.  It makes the agreement somewhat ungainly, but the core concept is still plain:  you pay no fee unless we recover money for you.  Once you have submitted information about your business and the debts you would like us to collect through the “Let’s Get Started” form on the contact page, we will provide you a copy of our retainer agreement to complete.  Please then scan and e-mail it to us at or fax it to us at 519 658 2499.

Claim Submission Form

Once you have entered into a written retainer agreement with us, please submit claims to us for recovery using one of the forms below.  The first option is an Excel spreadsheet.  Fill out the information in the green cells, following the instructions that appear when you are in each cell.  Please then e-mail the completed spreadsheet to us at  The second option is a traditional paper form.  Please complete a form for each debt you want recovered and either fax it to us at 519 658 2499 or scan and e-mail it to us at  Please include in your fax or e-mail supporting documentation establishing the debt such as credit application, contract, invoices, statements, credit report, banking references, regular and e-mail correspondence, etc. 

 pdf download

Electronic Form - Payment Reporting Spreadsheet

pdf download

Electronic Form - Consumer Debt Submission Spreadsheet

Contingency based collection means that payment for our work is contingent upon our success. If we are unsuccessful in our attempts to collect, you pay no fee.


When Todd approached me, I offered him a trial as one of the firms we used. A year into the scheduled 18-month pilot, he had delivered impressive results. His firm was collecting two to three times as much as the average of the other four law firms we used in Ontario. We dismissed the lowest performing law firm, giving all its business to Todd’s firm. At the end of the 18 months, we boosted Christensen Law Firm’s share. . . to 80 percent, the maximum we will allow.

- Wayne McLeish,B.A., LL.B, President & CEO, DRN Commerce (now FCT Default Solutions)